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The Athletic Department at Virginia Commonwealth University is housed in both the Siegel Center and the Sports Medicine Building. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments about VCU Athletics.

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Administration -- (804) 828-4000
Siegel Center

Norwood Teague Director of Athletics
Jeff Cupps Senior Associate Athletic Director (E-mail) 828-2255
David Benedict Senior Associate Athletic Director (E-mail) 828-7398
Mike Ellis Associate Athletic Director (E-mail) 827-0805
Robby Robinson Associate Athletic Director for Corporate Partnerships (E-mail) 828-4648
Justin Harris Assistant Athletic Director (E-mail) 828-9567
DeTrease Harrison Assistant Athletic Director for Fiscal Affairs (E-mail) 828-4050
Andrew Hartley Assistant Athletic Director for Development and Ticketing (E-Mail) 828-1726
Keith Rafter Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing and Promotions (E-mail) 827-0586
Pat Stauffer Associate Athletic Director for Olympic Sports - SWA (E-mail) 828-4813
Vic Cegles Assistant Director of Ticketing and Development 828-4771
Edward Johnson
Director of Interactive Media (E-Mail)
Justin Jannuzzi Director of Development (E-mail) 828-2452
Alex Moore Assistant Director of Development (E-mail) 828-6692
Laura Miller
Administrative Assistant to the Director of Athletics (E-mail)
Kate Tucker Personnel Administrator/Scholarship Coordinator (E-mail) 827-0794
Mike Voyack Director of Video & Technology (E-mail) 828-2319
Carletta Wilson Administrative Assistant (E-mail) 828-4045

Siegel Center and Facilities
Tim Lampe

Director of Facilities & Siegel Center Operations (E-mail)

Nate Doughty Asst. Director of Facilities & Siegel Center Operations (E-mail) 827-1002
Tony Hobbs Assistant Director, Facilities Operations (E-mail) 827-1000
Nick Papazian Facilities Assistant (E-mail) 827-1000
Rick Sinsabaugh Siegel Center Catering (E-mail) 827-1127
Brian Walters Director of Special Events (E-mail) 827-1000
Justinn Kidd Facilities Assistant (E-mail) 827-1000
Jay Harris Administrative Assistant (E-mail) 828-8639
Faith Williams Fast Break Cafe Manager 828-1094
Shelly Quick
Concessions Manager (E-mail)

Academic Advising -- (804) 828-2183
Sports Medicine Building

Sofia Hiort-Wright Director of Student-Athlete Advising (E-mail) 828-2184
Matt Smith
Academic Advisor (E-mail)
Scott Quarforth Academic Advisor (E-mail) 828-1655
Kasey Mattison Student Development Coordinator (E-mail) 828-1654
Department of Athletic Communications -- (804) 828-3440
Sports Medicine Building

Scott Day Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Communications (E-mail):
(Women's Soccer, Men's and Women's Cross Country, Men's and Women's Track and Field, Men's Basketball, Men's and Women's Tennis)
Chris Kowalczyk Director of Creative Content (E-mail) :
(Volleyball, Field Hockey, Golf)
Mitchell Moore Athletic Communications Assistant (E-mail):
(Men's Soccer, Women's Basketball, Baseball)

Sports Medicine Building

Todd Craft Head Men's Athletic Trainer (E-mail) 828-2321
Nicole Stevens
Certified Athletic Trainer (E-mail) 828-2321
Wendy Sheppard Head Women's Athletic Trainer (E-mail) 828-2321
Strength and Conditioning
Tim Kontos Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Performance (E-mail) 827-1365
Daniel Roose Strength Coordinator for Men's Basketball (E-mail)
Ryan Horn
Assistant Strength Coach (E-mail)
Ticket Office -- (804) VCU RAMS or 828-7267
Siegel Center

Meghan Millar Director of Ticket Operations (E-mail) 827-0808
Casey Cegles Assistant Director of Ticketing and Development (E-mail)

Student Services/Compliance
Sports Medicine Building
Chad Wall Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance/Student Services (E-mail) 828-7618
Vera Chistova Compliance Coordiantor (E-mail) 828-4819

Baseball -- (804) 828-4820
Sports Medicine Building

Paul Keyes Head Coach (E-mail) 828-4820
Shawn Stiffler Assistant Coach (E-mail) 828-4822
Cory Whitby Assistant Coach (E-mail) 828-4821

Men's Basketball -- (804) 828-1278
Siegel Center

Shaka Smart Head Coach 828-1278
Will Wade Assistant Coach (E-mail) 828-1278
Mike Jones Assistant Coach (E-mail) 828-1278
Mike Rhoades Assistant Coach (E-mail) 828-1278
Matt Fleming Video Coordinator (E-mail) 828-1278
Kyle Getter Director of Men's Basketball Operations (E-mail) 828-1278
Daniel Roose Strength Coordinator for Men's Basketball (E-mail)
Dianne Long Senior Secretary (E-mail) 828-1278

Women's Basketball -- (804) 828-2375
Siegel Center

Beth Cunningham Head Coach (E-mail) 828-4366
Tarrell Robinson Assistant Coach (E-mail) 827-0483
Trena Trice-Hill Assistant Coach (E-mail)  
Darren Guensch Assistant Coach (E-mail) 828-2375
VACANT Director of Women's Basketball Operations (E-mail)  

Field Hockey -- (804) 828-3025
Sports Medicine Building

Kelly McQuade Head Coach (E-mail) 828-3025
Shannon Karl
Assistant Coach (E-mail) 828-3025
Golf -- (804) 828-3027
Sports Medicine Building

Matt Ball Head Coach (E-mail) 828-3027

Men's Soccer -- (804) 828-4839
Sports Medicine Building

Dave Giffard Head Coach (E-mail) 828-4839
Ryan Pratt Assistant Coach (E-mail)  
Brett Teach Assistant Coach (E-mail) 828-4805

Women's Soccer -- (804) 828-7617
Sports Medicine Building

Tiffany Roberts Sahaydak Co-Head Coach (E-mail) 828-7617
Tim Sahaydak Co-Head Coach (E-mail) 828-9926
Siri Mullinix Assistant Coach (E-mail) 827-1982
Men's and Women's Tennis -- (804) 828-4817
Sports Medicine Building

Paul Kostin Head Coach (E-mail) 828-4817
Romain Ambert
Assistant Men's Coach (E-mail)
Yana Carollo
Assistant Women's Coach (E-mail) 828-1720

Men's and Women's Track & Field/Cross Country -- (804) 827-0946
Sports Medicine Building
Jon Riley Head Coach (E-mail) 827-0946
Ethan Tussing
Assistant Coach (E-mail)
VACANT Assistant Coach (E-mail) 828-3026

Volleyball -- (804) 828-3024
Sports Medicine Building

James Finley Head Coach (E-Mail) 828-3024
Nathan Baker
Assistant Coach (E-mail)
Laryssa Goncalves Assistant Coach (E-mail)
Yue Liu
Director of Volleyball Operations (E-mail)
Fax Numbers

Administrative (804) 828-7526
Athletic Communcations (804) 828-9428
Sports Medicine Building (804) 828-4938

Mailing Addresses

VCU Athletics
Siegel Center
1200 W. Broad St.
P.O. Box 843013
Richmond, Va.

VCU Athletics
Sports Medicine Building
1300 W. Broad St.
P.O. Box 842003
Richmond, Va.



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