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The VCU Athletic Training Staff is responsible for the primary health care of all varsity student-athletes in conjunction with the University’s Student Health Services. The main functions of VCU Athletic Training are to provide pre-participation clearance for all students who intend to be involved in varsity athletics, as well as the care, prevention, and rehabilitation of all athletic injuries/illnesses that occur while representing VCU in intercollegiate athletics. The VCU Athletic Training Staff will make all necessary referrals to physicians and/or hospitals for examination/testing on a timely basis to insure the well-being of all student-athletes and to promote a safe and complete return to their respective sport.


ALL STUDENT ATHLETES are required by the Athletic Department to have on file the following completed forms and information with VCU Athletic Training as a part of their medical record:


Incoming Student-Athlete Forms (.pdf)

It is imperative that first-time student athletes submit all the above information prior to the start of practice to:

VCU Athletic Insurance Coordinator
Department of Intercollegiate Athletics
1300 W. Broad Street
P.O. Box 842003
Richmond, VA 23284-2003
FAX 804-828-4938

All incoming student-athletes are required to have the VCU Evaluation for Participation in Varsity Sports physical form completed by the student-athlete’s family/personal physician and sickle cell trait test results or a signed waiver prior to arriving on campus.

A VCU Sports Medicine Physician and/or Certified Athletic Trainer’s review of the student-athlete’s medical record will constitute the approval for athletic participation clearance. Where the student-athlete’s health history warrants, the individual may be required to be further evaluated by a physician from the VCU Sports Medicine Center or the appropriate specialist before medical clearance is granted.


Returning student-athlete forms (.pdf)

All returning student-athletes are required to have an annual updated Medical History on file with the VCU Athletic Training Room prior to beginning ANY athletic activity. 


VCU Athletics has in place an excess insurance policy for sports accidents. This policy acts to supplement primary coverage that the student-athlete or his/her parent or guardian may have. All charges relating to approved medical services must first be filed with the primary insurance carrier. Should the student-athlete not have primary insurance, the VCU Athletics policy will cover the cost of medical services.

Each academic year, an updated Parent Information Form (insurance information form) and a copy (front and back) of the athlete's current Primary Insurance Card must be submitted to the Athletic Department’s Insurance Coordinator.

Injuries experienced during play or practice of supervised athletics activities on behalf of VCU Athletics are covered under this NCAA-sponsored medical insurance program. Injuries incurred while traveling as a member of a supervised group on an authorized team trip on behalf of VCU Athletics are also covered.

All medical services must be approved by VCU Sports Medicine. Notification of injury must occur within 72 hours of the accident. Medical services are covered for 52 weeks from the date of the accident.

Pre-existing injuries or conditions and non-VCU Athletics injuries and illnesses are not covered by this policy. Medical treatment not approved in advance by VCU Sports Medicine is not covered.

In order to file a claim with the VCU Athletics insurance policy, the student-athletes must provide:
1) Itemized Statement of Services rendered by the medical provider
2) Explanation of Benefits from the student-athletes’ insurance company noting the amount paid
3) The student-athlete will be required to complete an insurance claim form with the Athletic Trainer.

Payment to the medical provider for approved charges will be made directly by the VCU Athletics insurance company.

Student-athletes who have HMO/PPO policies are requested to include their insurance company’s requirements for filing claims along with the Parent Information Form submitted each year.

VCU Sports Medicine can assist in making arrangements for medical care. The student-athlete is responsible for all charges, including any associated medication charges.

A second opinion for an athletic injury may be obtained at the request of the student-athlete provided authorization is obtained from the Director of Sports Medicine. All costs associated with the second opinion are the responsibility of the student-athlete.


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